Transition Post: Victory to Kyagulanyi Ssentamu

Greetings Comrades,

In this brief, we seek to examine what the recent victory of R.
Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka H.E Bobi Wine for the position of Honorable MP
Kyadondo East – Wakiso District signifies and the disruptive impact it
bears on electoral politics in Uganda.

Foremost is that this confessed bad boy Bobi Wine a chronic user of
cannabis – marijuana, self-propelled and locally acclaimed
Ragga/Reggae music star and self-styled president of the fictional
ghetto republic – Uganja, was the least likely of contenders for the
position of an “honorable” MP. It should however be noted that though
it is through such acclaim that he rose to fame and popularity, over
the last few years he had taken on a new image as a modest, sociable,
citizen conscious community advocate and more importantly a dedicated
family man to his young family – a wife and 3 children.

To many impressionable young people, particularly at a time where
corruption and the corrupt are celebrated, this make over from the
street wise excellency bad boy to now honorable MP, strongly signifies
that change is possible, it must be proactively pursued, it requires
transformed attitude, leadership is a service to the people to whom
power belongs to freely determine who leads them and that this now
sets a historic stage for even greater changes depending on how we
choose to capitalize on it.

Also critical to note is the disruptive impact that his victory bears
on electoral politics in Uganda notably; individual merit with due
regard overrides assumed party affiliation, political parties and
their leaders position are disconnected from the peoples aspirations
(even their own membership), money for vote buying and the grandeur of
an election campaign can go so far in ensuring victory against less
resourced progressive forces, leadership can emerge from the least
expected, there are new deviant themes, spaces, contexts and
narratives of power being explored and engaged by the young
generation, and there are arising other centers of influence at the
peripheral steadily defying the dominant traditional central
government. This needs to be carefully watched and propagated.

The O.P.A.M congratulates the people of Kyadondo East for showing
their strong determination in upholding the power of the people.

Below is Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s latest hit in bid for leadership.

Organization for Progressive African Movement (O.P.A.M)
Contact: 0784618852
Education, Justice and Opportunity


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